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Poster presentation

Posters are a special type of presentation and cannot reflect the amount of information presented in an oral or written paper. The information should be centered on a key message or theme; the amount of text should be kept to a minimum, be easily understood by the standing audience with distractions from noise and movement from other people, and highlighted with simplified and properly labelled charts, graphics, diagrams and pictures.


General guidelines

Panel size : 100 cm in width and 200 cm in height


Poster sections and contents (readable from about 2 meters distance):

  • Title – most prominent block of text with the largest size (at least 80 pt in Arial; concise, to the point, and quickly orient the audience about the paper
  • Authors and affiliate – usually placed below the title; font size maybe similar to text (25 mm or 1 inch high in Arial)


Main sections:

  • Introduction (or Background/Rationale) – briefly presents the importance/ motivation, hypothesis, and objectives of the research
  • Materials and Methods (or Methodology or Key Methods) – briefly presents the procedures, preferably more of diagrams/charts and less in words
  • Results – presents the key findings/points to substantiate the objectives; analysis or interpretations of facts presented;
    could be with subheadings to guide transition
  • Conclusion – summary and significance of findings; may also present areas for further study
  • References (or Literature Cited) – keep to minimum; maybe smaller in font size than that of text


Poster presenters (or at least one of the authors per poster) should be present by the poster for discussions with attendees during the scheduled session time.